de Jonge School of Lutherie
Testimonials and Comments


“ Having taken this wonderful course (because I wanted a quality Flamenco guitar) and then spending another two years working with Sergei and becoming good friends, well the man is so inspirational and knowledgeable you just have so much enjoyment working with him. Whether you are a seasoned builder or just want to check out what it’s like to build your own acoustic guitar I would highly recommend taking this course.  It’s a life experience that you’ll be so grateful you did it. Definitely was a highlight of my life.

Devora’s cooking is so awesome too, absolutely loved it and even copied some of her recipes which we have regularly now. “

                                                                                                                                                        David Ryer – Ashton, ON

"The de Jonge guitar building course has launched the careers of builders such as Fabrizio Alberico, Allan Beardsell, Mark Kett, Alastair Miller, Michael Kennedy and Jeremy Clark. With this in mind, when I decided to get back into building after a 20 year hiatus, my first call was to Sergei de Jonge.

For me, the de Jonge guitar building course ended up being much more than a gathering of information, contacts, supply sources and hands-on lutherie experience. The chance to study with one of our generation's truly great guitar builders was a once in a lifetime event that has heavily influenced my whole attitude about musical instrument building. I don't think anyone comes away from this idyllic rural setting after being immersed in the collective knowledge of this extremely talented family, without achieving a very high level of skill in the art of guitar building. The course was long intense weeks of work...that somehow felt wonderfully relaxed and incredibly fun"

David Wren -- Toronto, ON


"J'avais envie de fabriquer une guitare depuis des années . L'occasion s'est présentée . France-Canada . Un luthier . Une famille . Un atelier . Un stage au-delà de mes espérances . Un stage accessible à tous . Il suffit d'avoir envie . Le niveau de l'enseignement est exeptionnel , les matériaux fournis exellents , l'atelier très bien équipé . si vous décidez vous aussi de venir , n'oubliez pas de prendre un appareil photo car à votre retour vous aurez besoin de preuves : personne ne voudra croire que vous avez fabriqué cette "kick-ass guitar" vous même . (et n'ayez pas peur : les repas végétariens sont délicieux et variés ...) "

Benoit Pierron -- Lyon, France


"Sergei gave me the confidence to explore the creative nature of guitar making-- from traditional construction to experimental madness, Sergei opened the door."

-Allan Beardsell -- Toronto, ON


"All that I can say is that my time with your family was full of magic. I arrived there simply wanting a better understanding of the acoustic guitar and left with a new found life's passion. I had had no desire to build guitars. It was amazing to spend time in an environment where creativity and experimentation was encouraged. I left there inspired to create something special!!"

-Willie Carter -- Santa Cruz, CA


"The courses I took were fantastic, from guitar building to moms cooking. It was all fun!!! Sergei is a very good builder and instructor and guides you through the the whole process one step at a time. I would do it again in a heart beat and hopefully soon."

-Gary Vischer -- Key West, FL


“Combined with his teaching skills and personality, Sergei's knowledge of the craft makes building a guitar for the first time a spectacular adventure. Generous with the wisdom he has gleaned from years in the art, truly inspirational are about the only words that suit the experience.”

-Jeremy Clark -- Calgary, AB


"For all of the anticipation leading up to the beginning of building a guitar, the first day surpassed my expectations of the task at hand. We set about joining tops, backs and so began the journey. Each day demonstrations demystified steps that alleviated much head head scratching, and the simplicity of the tools and setups was very encouraging for continued work at home. This combined with Devora's delicious, healthy, mind-expanding food rounded out my sojourn in the beautiful Gatineau hills as a truly special experience. Totally enjoyable, very relaxing and wonderful learning by doing! Oh... and the guitar I made is now the only one I play!"

-Ian Forgeron -- Cape Breton, NS